On West 54th, 1717 B'way Double Marriott Gets Glassed, Neighboring Hilton Rises

1717 Bway fr east (A Fine)

1717 B'way fr SE (A Fine)

W 54th Hilton fr south (A Fine)
West 54th Hilton from south (A Fine)
I last reported on these 2 buildings back in May, and what a difference a few months makes! At 1717 Broadway, the 67 story Hotel on top of a hotel has been topped and is now getting glassed. The Nobutaka Ashihara designed building will house a Marriott Courtyard Inn up to the 30th floor, and a Marriott Residence Inn from there to the top. It is an impressively tall, towering and thin building, that looks tall even for the area. Next door we have competitor Hilton, which at last we checked was ground level with a rat staring at it, now nearly topped in what will be a less inspiring Kaufman designed 34 story hotel. Pretty good work getting 34 stories up in 5 months!
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