Blog Improvements, New Instagram- "nycrealestatemaven"

Fruit Truck, East 84th (A. Fine, 3/2015)
Hey all. You might notice some subtle improvements in the blog today. Thanks to the help of Vincent D'Agostino, the webmaster of my corporate mothership, Terra Holdings, we now have a new and larger font for ease of reading, and, most importantly, working "sharing" buttons! The share buttons have been a nagging issue for quite some time and I am thrilled that they are fixed.

I'm also happy to announce that I have created a new Instagram account for everyone to follow. The name of the account is "nycrealestatemaven". The account will be a running collection of real life and real estate scenes in NYC. The account will have two purposes. First, it will chronicle every day life in NYC. Second, it will follow changes in our real estate landscape.

I hope you enjoy the improvements. Fell free to "share" since the buttons actually function now!


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