From the Ashes of Gasoline Alley 372 Lafayette, 22 Bond aka 25 Great Jones Rise

372 Lafayette (3/2015), Rendering (inset)
A walk up Lafayette from Houston towards Astor Place is a far cry from what it was just a couple of decades ago. People once bought gas and had their cars tuned up on this wide but previously very quiet stretch of Noho. If I recall correctly, I believe I had my car serviced at the site of 10 Bond Street just 10 years ago which is now the site of a luxury condo. Next door, 372 Lafayette, a former Meineke Muffler, is taking shape and has reached its mature height. The building is expected to be rentals, as that was apparently the best way to clear landmarks. The building by architect Morris Adjmi seems to fit well in scale with the surrounding buildings, and integrates an unusual glass element on the top floor which acts as a veil for the setback 6th floor apartments.

(L) 25 Great Jones, (R) 22 Bond St
Across Lafayette we find 25 Great Jones, the partially built, former hotel project that has been sitting largely untouched (to the dismay of neighbors) for as long as I can remember. Originally planned as a hotel, the plan was scratched in favor of mega-lux boutique condos which will combine the project with 22 Bond Street to it's immediate south. The good news here is that things finally appear to be moving along. The building that once stood on Bond has been demolished and will eventually house an entrance lobby and small courtyard. On the north side of the project cinder blocks have been knocked out of the side of the building (presumably to shore up the supporting beams) and several workers were on site. There are rumors of an offering plan out there somewhere which prices six 3 bedroom/3 bath duplexes between $9M and $20M
One small parcel just to the west of 25 Great Jones with frontage on Lafayette, 363 Lafayette (former home of the Great Jones Diner), is still inactive. Plans for a 5 story retail and office building were scrapped a year or two back. The property was last indicated to be on the market for around $35 Million for a potential 8 story, 32,000sf building.


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