Whole Lotta Terra Cotta at 10 Bond Street!

Starchitech, Anna Selldorf's 10 Bond Street is nearing completion. I haven't been on the block since the terra cotta was generously applied to the facade. It is a striking feature, and also reminds me that it is almost time for spring gardening! The terra cotta itself seems a little darker in person, more of a mahogany than an orange. The new development condo on the now famed strip of Bond Street seems like a relative bargain in this market at $2300-$2500 per square foot for the couple of remaining units (the whole building is just 11 units- 1 penthouse, 1 townhouse, and 9 2-3 bedroom units). Thanks for making my day 10 Bond! I will be back with more on the areas rapid growth in the next couple of days....

Special shout out and inspiration by: "Zippy The Chimp" at Wired Forums
Curbed Files for 10 Bond (Curbed)
10 Bond, Project By Selldorf Architects (Selldorf)


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