Breaking: Elderly Driver Drives Down Sidewalk On East 84th Narrowly Misses Women, Children

A late model maroon 4 door sedan driven by an elderly man with an elderly woman by his side took a potentially deadly turn onto the sidewalk on East 84th Street between 3rd and Lexington this morning at approximately 9 40am. The car came down the North sidewalk towards Third Avenue, striking 2 wrought iron planter fences and a tree before backing up and striking a large concrete planter and then going back into drive along the sidewalk narrowly missing 3 children and several adults at the corner of Third Avenue. The couple fled the scene by driving the wrong way down Third Avenue. Their whereabouts are unknown, however, nearby buildings are working with police to analyze videotape to get a plate number. The vehicle in question is missing a hubcap, left tail light and has extensive damage to both the front and rear end of the vehicle. East Siders beware!
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  1. Andrew - I literally live across the street and my desk faces north onto the front courtyard of 171 E 84th. I saw it all happening. First off, the people inside did not seem elderly to me. They seemed middle aged and on a mission. Second, they purposely, not mistakenly, drove onto the sidewalk and not only ran over the flowerbed railing, but went into reverse and sped into the concrete planters..after that hit, they went forward, shifted back into reverse, and railed the concrete planter again. Sound like an accident? NO! This was done on purpose. The maroon buick then sped onto 84th and made a right on 3rd ave going south. I called 911 and screamed to people in the courtyard to run as this was happening and gave my details to cops later.


  2. Has the driver or the car been found?


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