LIC: Murano Color Madness Gets Test Run

It's quite a show! Over the weekend I noticed that the Murano "24 hour light clock" was getting a test run. The clock which displays a rainbow of color emanating from the junction of the 8th and 9th floor on the southwest corner of the building and the lobby was brightening up the night. It's bright alright, and the lights are enough to illuminate the otherwise drab Midtown Tunnel vent a few hundred yards away. If I understand it correctly, the lights will gradually change color over a 24 hour period. It looks like in the test run that the entire spectrum is covered in less than 20 seconds. The big question though- who is going to live right under the light? If you ask me, the 8th floor corner apartment is going to be a tough sell.

Untitled from Andrew Fine on Vimeo.

Untitled from Andrew Fine on Vimeo.


  1. If you google "big stupid light on building in LIC" an article on this light comes up.

    Not a surprise.


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