Obama Arrives To Cheers At Astor Place

President Obama has just arrived at Cooper Union, just east of Astor Place in Manhattan. Streets were cordoned off throughout the area and the streets were lined with police, media trucks, and sand trucks. Snipers were apparent on at least one rooftop.
The motorcade was welcomed by a warm round of applause and cheers. No protesters were evident on 4th Avenue or Lafayette aside from one elderly lady who was murmuring something about torture and concentration camps, but chances are that she would probably have been doing so whether or not the President was in town. On Third Avenue there were a grand total of 7 protesters, one of whom was a vocal proponent of Obama, while the others were a group with diverse and mixed messages of pro and anti bank and one woman protesting in support of people "who are afraid of their bosses". What can I say, folks.

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  1. It surprises me that Obama can come to NYC and not have a stronger opposition presence. But as I tell my friends, acquaintences and anyone else I hear complain about Obama; "Don't blame Obama or the Democrats if you don't like what they are doing, blame Bush and Cheny for screwing everything up and letting them in."

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