200 East 79th Soars, Final Product Still A Mystery

April 24, 2012

Early March, 2012

They certainly ain't messing around with this one! What stood at 4 stories a mere six weeks ago, has now reached the 17th floor, and at this rate could be topped any day. But, alas, there is some mystery left with this purported "contemporary classic"- there is not a rendering to be had anywhere! The architect, Cetra-Ruddy, has not released anything, despite my pleas on their Facebook page. There is a hint though. According to an unnamed construction worker on site the exterior will be comprised of "pre-cast stone", which I assume is something along the lines of the exterior for The Touraine. However, the same worker said that the windows would be "mismatched" and in "different patterns." Hmmm, that threw me for a loop! Perhaps this will be more contemporary than I would have guessed? With the building nearly topped and a broker named for marketing, this is sure to be a mystery that won't last very long, but I have to say, I am intrigued!

Wilf Closes On $112 Million Construction Loan For UES Condo (The Real Deal 3/2012)
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