Brodsky's 127 East 79th Development Hits Paydirt

Demolition has been completed and excavation and foundation work is underway at Brodsky's future condo at 127 East 79th Street. While there is little info and no renderings for the project, through a little internet research here is what we know about the project:

- 19 Stories.
- 210 Feet tall.
- 119,006sf residential, 642sf commercial.
- The lot is approximately 100' x 100', and will be built 100' x 70' with 30' rear yard.
- 32 units are expected- that is an average of 3718sf per unit.
- Units are expected to fetch $3000 per square foot.
- $120 Million loan has been secured for the project.
- An architect has not been named, but by virtue of DOB filings, looks like SLCE.
- Construction workers on site say the building should be complete by Spring 2014.

What we don't know is what the building will look like. You have to highly doubt a glass tower in that location, that is for sure. I would expect another "modern classic." If SLCE is indeed the architect, you might look at the smash hit "The Laureate" as a template. I have a call into Brodsky, I will keep everyone posted as more details come available.

Building Permit (Department of Buildings)
Brodsky lands $120 loan to build UES condo (Crain's)


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