New New School Building Gets Its Zig Zag On!

Zig Zag (South Side)

From the SW

Crooked Columns on West Side

Shot From NW Corner (14th+Fifth)

Rendering, Courtesy SOM
The New New School building at 65 Fifth Avenue is starting to get its zig zag on! Pictured is a crain hoisting one of the first zig zags into place on the south side of the building. It the renderings are a true indication (I have no reason to believe otherwise) the zig zags will house transparent staircases in the otherwise woody SOM creation. The massive building, built as-of-right, is up to the 12th of it's 16 stories, and the eventual LEED-Gold building will contain 365,000 square feet of dormitories, a library, performance center, as well as various other school facilities.
New School Funky Fresh Renderings (A Fine Blog 5/2010)
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  1. That right there is the fine concrete work of Roger & Sons Concrete!! Looking good!!!


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