Barclays Center Green Roof Gets Framed, B2 Modular Tower Still Largely Dormant

Travels took me to Barclays Center and Park Slope today. Pictured above is work on the large steel frame for the green roof that will eventually cover and for local residents, hopefully muffle the noise from the arena. While there are reports that progress on the roof is behind schedule, three cranes are currently active and the massive frame is taking shape.

On the backside of Barclays Center, the future 23 story modular tower is more or less in the same shape it was as far back as August of last year. Forest City and construction company Skanska have traded lawsuits and blame each other for leaks and the slow pace of construction. A close look at the currently 10 story "tower" does show that these modules do not seem like a seamless fit. Who is to blame and what finish work takes place after initial placement is anyone's guess.

Barclays Center Announces Green Roof (NYDN, 4/2014)
Curbed File on B2 a.k.a. 421 Dean Street


  1. "While there are reports that progress on the roof is behind schedule...."

    Um, yes:

    Norman Oder
    Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Report


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