On East 82nd Street 1444 Third Avenue Begins Demo, But Will Rendering Become Reality?

1444 Third Avenue (A Fine, 4/2015)
1444 Third Avenue Rendering (ODA Architecture)

Demolition is now well underway at the future new development (presumably condos) at 1444 Third Avenue. While the two buildings on the southwest corner of East 82nd Street and Third Avenue are being brought down brick by brick, the final product, seems far from etched in stone at this point. ODA Architecture describes the 10 story structure as having the "elegance of limestone townhouses of Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue modernized" and will offer "individual floor homes". The rendering was leaked fully two years ago, yet the permit for this structure appears remain in limbo. In fact, several permits have been disapproved, rejected, or pending as the development challenge process continues "pending zoning approval." Perhaps the as-of-right square footage of 26,000 is in question? Considering the scale of other high rises on the avenue and the surrounding area, I'm almost surprised they couldn't pull off an even larger structure.

Regardless, I hope the final product gets approved. At first look I wasn't in love, but the design is growing on me for two reasons. First, you have plenty of limestone, a staple of classic Manhattan construction. The re-imagining of the use of this material is ambitious. Secondly, it is not another ubiquitous, bland, sheet glass special. Of course, we'll have to see if the rendering meets reality and the permits become reality.

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