Top 10 Epic Signs of East Harlem

While most of New York City transforms from an fascinating quilt of Mom and Pops stores to a bland collection of Starbucks and Chase Banks, a certain stretch of Manhattan in East Harlem should be savored and appreciated before it too is gone. Third Avenue from 104th Street to 125th Street is an area on the fragile cusp between glorious relic and rapid condo development. While the neighborhood has long been home to discount stores with audacious branding, you just sense that the wave is oh so near. So, before this unique stretch of New York City too vanishes, let's take a moment to enjoy the10 most epic signs of East Harlem, in no particular order:

V.I.M! (A. Fine, 4/2015)
Save-A-Thon (A. Fine, 4/2015)

99 Rush- the only one on Lexington (A. Fine, 4/2015)
J Dept Store (A. Fine, 4/2015)
Uptown Jiggie Sports (A. Fine, 4/2015)
Envy Nails (A. Fine, 4/2015)

American Outlet (A.Fine, 4/2015)

Easy Shopping (A. Fine, 4/2015)
Dollar Diva (A. Fine, 4/2015)

Slamdunk (A. Fine, 4/2015)
Hope everyone enjoyed!


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