21 West End Avenue Nearly Topped, Gets Glassy

21 WEA from west (A. Fine, 4/2015)
21 WEA from the east, action shot! (A. Fine, 4/2015)

Part of the five tower "Riverside Center" complex, 21 West End Avenue is the first to be nearly topped. My how we have grown! Friend NYYIMBY counted 3 stories back in August, and friend Field Condition counted about half way just 8 weeks ago. It appears that this building is growing at better than a floor per week now and it now stands around 36 stories with just 7 to go. In the meantime, much of the cladding is in place and the building is actively getting glassed. Built by Dermot Company and architect SLCE the future rental will house 616 rentals and a K-8 school in the base.

Construction Update 21 WEA (NYYIMBY, 8/2014)
Riverside Center (Field Condition, 2/2015)
Curbed Files for 21 WEA (Curbed)
Dermot Company In JV with AFL-CIO (PR Newswire 12/2012)


  1. This building reminds me of the Balenyata Heights buildings that were proposed for the West End area over a decade ago. According to Ralph Dell Aquilla, the president of the Mamalestian American Friendship Society (New Jersey Chapter), the current crop of buildings continue to "play it safe" both architecturally and aesthetically. He further states, "Such a shame, alot could have been done with the prime piece of real estate, one of the last underdeveloped tracks in not just Manhattan, but of all New York City. This project could have been a inimitable statement representing all that is unique for New York". I respectfully agree with him.


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