Pyramid Building, 625 West 57th, Is Mind Numbing and Fantastic!

The pictures should speak for themselves here as a pyramid meets the Hudson River at West 57th Street. This Durst Organization effort peaks at 450 feet and will contain 709 rental units with an obvious abundance of terraces. The design is mind blowing and something to behold at any angle. Wow!

From the south at West 57th Street
Heart of the pyramid from the south at West 57th (A. Fine 4/2015)
Pyramid from the West at WEA and West 58th (A. Fine, 4/2015)
Pyramid from the north at 61st, west of WEA (A.Fine, 4/2015)
Inside West 57th Street (Field Condition 3/2015)
625 West 57th (Curbed Files)


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