Update: 205 East 92nd Getting Bricked, Up to 15 Stories

205 E 92nd, Front (A. Fine 4/2015)

205 East 92nd Back- East Face (A. Fine, 4/2015)

Brick (A. Fine, 4/2015)
Last we checked in on 205 East 92nd Street, back in January, the base was just coming together. What a difference a few months makes. The building is now taking shape, rising 15 stories, and giving us a preview of the neutral brick fa├žade. The finished product by Related will rise 425 feet, include 231 residential units (they are probably leaning condo, but last report was condo/rental mix), a 46,000sf school for the learning disabled, and 33,000sf of retail.

What I find most interesting is that the average size apartment will be a little better than 1400sf. That is a stark contrast to the full floor, 3000+ square foot McManhattamansions (yes, I am using that made up word) being built in the area. I can only hope that this is a trend towards "reasonable sized" apartments. Yes, there is demand for some of the huge apartments, but the demand for normal sized apartments is extreme. I am sure Related will be rewarded for recognizing this segment of the market.


  1. 50 days later, another 12+ stories completed:

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