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No links Friday. Busy day in the field!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday Morning Links

Kinda light on great real estate news today, so I guess I'll have to go out and drum up some fresh content!
LIC Gets Props From NY Post (NY Post)
Jersey City Hopes For A High Line Of Its Own (Curbed)
Observer Editor Quits During Owner's Honeymoon (Observer)
Kimora Lee Simmons Looks To Trade Huge Saddle River Mansion For City Living (The Real Deal)
Bloomberg Saw Development As The Future, And The Future Has Stalled (NY Times)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spooky: Gravestone Found During Washington Sq. Reno

(Photo: NYC Dept Of Parks and Recreation)
An interesting find the other day at Washington Square Park. A backhoe working on the renovation of the park dug up a gravestone for one James Jackson, an Irish immigrant who died in 1799 at the age of 28. Jackson was from George Street (now named Market Street) in Manhattan. Finding bones and skulls on site is not uncommon, since nearly 20,000 bodies where buried there years ago when the area served as a potters field for the indigent. What is more mysterious however is why someone who could afford a gravestone would be buried in a potters field? Anyway, if you are spending your time in the Village this Halloween, perhaps this will make your day just a bit more spooktacular!
Gravestone From 1799 Is Found In Washington Square Park (CityRoom/NY Times)

Wednesday Links

New Home Sales Slip For First time In Six Months (Crain's)
Fire Sale In Commercial Sublease Market (NY Times)
Gottlieb Feud Intensifies (The Real Deal)
No New Leases At StuyTown (Observer)
How A Lawyer Found An Arcane Rent Rule And Shook New York Real Estate (Observer)
Ace Hotel Bar Spars With Neighboring Mosque (Observer)
Hunters Point Mega-Project Gets Signage (Curbed)
Dueling Arrested Development Lists (Curbed)
Bronx Building Features Wind Power (Daily News)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Morning Links

Nada mucho in real estate news from the past 24 hours. Perhaps today will be more exciting!
SL Green Revenue Down 7%, Beats Expectation (Reuters)
Photos: Ivanka Weds (People)
"The Charles Will Rise When Construction Loans Resume" (Post/last item)
Willets Point/ Iron Triangle Plan Actually Progressing (Curbed)
Glass Sliver Building on 87th And Park Sees Price Slice (Curbed)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Morning Links

Your New Condo Leaks? Join The Club (NY Times)
A Weapon Called Fine Print (Barbanel/ NY Times)
Hammer To Fall On Condos (NY Times)
Shock! Landlords Will Survive StuyTown Verdict (Crain's)
National Luxury Real Estate Wrap (Luxist)
Fun With Nouvel's West Chelsea Jigsaw Puzzle (Curbed)
Bloomberg Initiatives Aim To Build NYC Green Economy (Media Newswire)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Featured Apartment: Piercingly Bright, Renovated, Doorman 1 Bed On 65th, Reduced To $437,500.

Every now and then there is a need for a little promotion. After all, I can't sit here and blog all day, I still have to make a little coin to float the boat! So, here is the featured apartment of the week:
435 East 65th Street #7D, $437,500, mt. $782..

What's not to love? This apartment was completely renovated just two years ago, and everything from the kitchen to the bath to the floors, even the sub-floors were completely replaced. The apartment features bright south exposure, new oak hardwood floors, marble and stainless kitchen, subway tiled bath, ample California closets, and even built-in woodwork to conceal the heating and air conditioning units.

The building features 24 hour doorman, garage, roof deck, laundry and common garden. The maintenance is low at $782. and the building is in the enviable position of only having 4 years left on the underlying mortgage. Pied-a-terres and co-purchasing is allowed, but sorry, no dogs.

The seller has reduced the price to below market for a quick sale. We'll be having an open house this Sunday from 12-3, call Andrew at 917-856-8112 or email to r.s.v.p..

Not To Be Out-Glassed: John Jay Gets Shiny On West End

Renderings Courtesy: John Jay College, Turner Construction, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill.

The hulking steel structure between 58th and 59th on West End has been in place for months, but now we have glass! John Jay College is building a 600,000 sf 14 story tower, plus 5 story "urban campus" with the help of Turner Construction and Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill.

I think that I have figured out what I like about glass curtains. It is not the curtains themselves that are nice, they have become exceedingly ubiquitous, but the reflection of light, sky, and clouds are pleasant. Now that I have that figured out, I guess I can just find some open space and enjoy nature without the help of sheet glass.

3 Columbus Circle, Two Faced

Made it to Columbus Circle this week to see what's new. Apparently at 3 Columbus Circle, everything old is new gain! The 1923 classic is well on it's way to join the gotta have glass class. It least the contrast during the metamorphosis is interesting, we'll see how the final product turns out. Anyone care to wager that 20 years from now they'll strip off the glass and restore the old look?

Friday Morning Links

Vornado's Roth Buys Bernie's Beach House (WSJ)
Neighbors Wrangle Over New St. Vincent Park Space In West Village (Villager)
Swig Dealt Another Setback In Court (The Real Deal)
Commercial Real Estate The Worst Part Of The Economy (Bloomberg via TRD)
Battery Park Gets Battered (The Real Deal)
Hotel Ludlow, Stalled For Ages To Become Cheap Studio Rentals (Curbed)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rendering vs. Reality, 200 West 72nd A Pretty Good Match

(L) Reality, (C) Rendering (Courtesy Metro Green Business), (R) Mini-Canti

200 West 72nd Street, Gotham Construction's Green 196 unit rental building is quickly nearing completion. Funny thing, the rendering and the reality, pretty good match! The cantilever- not much to talk about there- Isis, and The Brompton are more impressive, and, of course Linden 78 takes the gravity defying cake!

Thursday Links- Breaking: Tishman Loses Monumental StuyTown Case!

The late links today turned out to be a blessing, as the BIG news broke late this morning that Tishman Speyer has lost to a group of tenants in a monumental court case that will likely cost the company at least $200 Million and will make default on the project an absolute certainty. There have been countless articles lately about Tishman being on "the brink" of default, well let me tell you there is no white knight in this scenario. With a property purchased at the height of the market for $5.6 Billion now being appraised by some at $2 Billion or less, the writing is on the wall.
More importantly though are the implications for landlords throughout New York who will be negatively impacted by the courts sudden re-interpretation of the J-51 program. For years property owners have been using the J-51 to improve properties, and part of the improvement was (like it or not) to renovate rent stabilized apartments, many to the point that they become market rate. This ruling opens a Pandora's box for owners throughout the city that have used the program and now face the potential that tenants will win rent decreases, re-regulation, and refunds. Hundreds, if not thousands of buildings (and owners) could be affected. While I will admit my pro-capitalist bias, there seems be be a stench of unfairness here. Haven't the rules been changed in the middle of the game? We'll soon find out.
Wow! Tishman Loses StuyTown Court Battle(NY Times)
"Seismic Implications" For Tishman Speyer (Observer)
Tishman And Black Rock Move Closer To Default (NY Times)
Billy Joel Sells Half Of Perry St. Townhouse To Ex (Observer)
Is The Worst Over For Hamptons Market? (The Real Deal)
650 Sixth Avenue Changes Name And Broker (Curbed)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Aldyn Continues Ascent

Again, sorry for the funky photo format- still adjusting to the new blog program. Clockwise from the top left: Aldyn, Rushmore, and new Extell rental building together, next: field of green on Riverside Blvd from 65th and up, Aldyn from East, and finally, left is the rental building again from the north).

Things are sure moving along over at Extell's Aldyn at 64th and Riverside Blvd. The building on the water that will be the condo is about 3/4s glassed up, and the rental, in brown brick seems to be windowed up to the top. Also noticed a pretty impressive several block stretch of green grass that stretches from 65th Street for several blocks north on Riverside. Additionally, There is a 2 block long expanse of dirt about 50 feet down between about 65th and 63rd that will be additional park land (eventually). Combine that with the ribbon of green on the Hudson River, and it is getting downright suburban over there! But enough about the grass, The Aldyn is quickly getting glassed up, and that is downright exciting isn't it?

Wednesday Links

I guess I can't call it morning links today, but it was worth the few miles on foot to get a bunch of new blog material. Here is your Wednesday serving of all the pertinent headlines worth reading. Oh, the phone booth? That's on 66th and West End, one of only 4 remaining functional stand-up phone booths left in Manhattan. And, the phone works!
Steve Madden Overpays For East Side Coop (Observer)
Home Of Rangel, Paterson Seeks Expansion (Observer)
Hotel Builders Turn To City Bonds For Financing Of Last Resort (Observer)
Vornado "Hoarding Cash", Ready To Spend? (NY Post)
Did The Mets Profit From Madoff? (NYDN)
4 Reasons To Buy NYC Real Estate (Nuwireinvestor)
East River Plaza, The East Harlem Mall, Crawls To The Finish Line (NY Times)
Women Charged With Faking Sex Abuse To Win Rent Subsidies (NY Times)
At East River Plaza, Planning Commission Hates America, Or Maybe Betsey Ross (Curbed)
Fulton Transit Center Showing Signs Of Life (Curbed)
Hudson Yards Gets Okay (Architect's Newspaper via Curbed)
Construction Spending Tanks (The Real Deal)
NYC Sees Sharp Drop In New Troubled Loans (The Real Deal)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10-17 Jackson: Fresh Renderings

My friends over at Studio V were nice enough to share some more renderings for the much anticipated (by me at least) 10-17 Jackson. They would like me to note a couple of changes- the kitchens will actually have granite counters and the vanities in the bath will be smaller with storage underneath.
The lobby, though small will be double height with green/gold quartzite floors, walnut walls at the elevators and distinctive perforated aluminum sheeting on the walls of the rest of the lobby. The sheeting as pictured will also cover the majority of the exterior of the building, so the current appearance of the building should be far different in just a few weeks. Other finishes of note are solid walnut floors that are nailed down (not glued), and the cove lighting above the kitchen which the generous ceiling heights (9'4"- 11'4") afford. The cove lighting allows a more natural and evenly diffused light reflected by the white laminate cabinets. Heck, beats the heck out of a big fluorescent light any day.
According to Studio V, the building is just weeks from completion (expected by year end). Then, comes the big decision by the owner- to move forward with condos, rent the apartments or come up with another scheme. I would encourage the owner to look at the quiet, yet runaway success of it's triangular sister 10-63 Jackson down the street. If priced right, 10-17 should have similar success, even in a tougher environment.
Other small factoids: 33 units- 6 2 bedrooms, 27 1 bedrooms. You begin to clear all the neighboring buildings starting at the 4th floor.

Think Coffee Coming To Union Square

Saw the awning going up last night on Fourth Ave between 12th and 13th Streets. Think Coffee, which many claim to be the best in the city, is coming to Union Square, and according to someone inside the store, could open by Thursday. While I haven't tried Think yet, I am excited by the prospect of more good coffee options near my office. My personal favorite is "Joe The Art Of Coffee" on 13th between Fifth and University which makes a great cup of java, an ass-kicking americano, and tasty homemade lemonade in season. Think's new location is pretty large, I would guesstimate at least 1600 sf or larger, with ample seating. The way Starbucks packs them in on the east and west side of the square, it would be no surprise if Think is a hit. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Tuesday Morning Links

High Line "Spur" (30th-34th) Could Be Saved (Curbed)
Soho Mews: Prices Fall, Garden Grows (Curbed)
Stuy Town Inspecting Apartments For Illegal Walls (Observer)
Growing Retailers Seize Recession Opportunities (Crain's)
Removal Of Graffiti Along High Line Vexes Some (CityRoom)
Interests Push For Extension Of First Time Home Buyer Credit (Reuters)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hamptons Market Upticks

After suffering a correction of 25% (give or take), the Hamptons market saw signs of life in the Third Quarter with median prices rising by 4.5% and sales of $2 Million-plus homes rising 44%. While far from out of the woods, stabilizing financial markets, and the return of the bonuses could right the ship.
Hamptons Home Prices Rise As Buyers Return To $2 Million Deals (Bloomberg)

Monday Morning Links

Way late on the links today, but better late than never! Nothing particularly earth shattering in the headlines this weekend. Sure, there was some media regurgitation about the market finding a bottom, but we've run all those stories already. The market does seem to be in a bottoming mode, but it is hard to tell if we have made it. One positive harbinger is the lack of inventory in the Village. I've been chasing 1 bedrooms in the $700k-$850k range only to have been beat out or outbid a number of times recently. That kind of action smells like times of old, but those instances are isolated. The sub- $1 Million market has been active for months and is becoming competitive, but I have yet to see any great spillover into the $1Mil.-$5Mil. range. I was expecting a little more action in that category after Labor Day, but considering the number of holidays since, it is still too early to read. 
Gotta Have Faith: 30 Minutes With Faith Hope Consolo (NY Times)
Oil Exec Trades Up On Park, Candela For Candela (NY Times)
Price Insurance For Real Estate? (NY Times)
Former Limelight Club May Go Retail (Crain's)
Woman Who Sued For Harassment At 270 Park, Dies Day Before Hearing (NYDN)
Ivanka: Nepotism Had Little To Do With Her Rise (

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Morning Links

Data Shows Citywide Housing Recovery (Crain's)
What Went Wrong With StuyTown? (The Atlantic)
Dolly Lenz Calls A Bottom For Condo Market (The Real Deal)
Shuttered Virgin Store In Union Square To Be Temporarily Converted To 3 Story Outdoor Theater (NY Post)
Gisele, Whoopi Move Their Properties (WSJ Blogs)
Daniel Radcliffe Buys Captain's Townhouse On West 12th (Observer)
No Khadhafi: Queens Man Lives In Tent Irritates Neighbors (Queens Crap Video via Curbed)
Coop Revokes Misbehaving Cancer Patient's Lease (Curbed)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dow 10,000! What A Long, Strange (Painful) Trip It's Been!

What a year! After nearly going to hell and never looking back, the Dow Jones has topped the 10,000 mark for the first time in a year. And, an easy trip it was not. It was only March of this year that the Dow bottomed at just over 6500, and nobody was going to retire, ever! Seven months and a few panics later, the Dow has rallied 52% off the lows and firms like Goldman Sachs are threatening to dole out their biggest bonuses ever! JP Morgan Chase isn't far behind, either. While bonuses are the controversy du jour, two things are undeniable: one, we are far removed from the "winter of fear", and second, the move over 10,000 on the Dow is a major confidence booster.

520 Broome Gets Stoned

(Photos: Neil Mori, Tipster Extraordinaire)

Looks like this 51 unit condo (architect Stephen B Jacobs) on Thompson and Broome is moving right along. The white stone is in! Occupancy is expected in Q2, 2010 and it looks like they are more or less on time. The curved corner is a nod to the old Tunnel Garage on Broome which could not escape the wrecking ball. No details on pricing or broker representation yet.
End Of The Tunnel (Forgotten NY)
Whole Bunch Of 520 Broome Stories (Curbed)

Union Square: Mc Sam Gets McSlammed By Pesky Neighbors

Back in January, I ran a story about the new McSam hotel rising on 13th Street and Fourth Avenue, and highlighted how those at the adjacent building were suddenly, and deeply regretting those lot line windows. Well, although they may be in the dark now, it would be a pretty good bet that those folks are the ones exacting revenge by stalling the project at every pass. The future hotel, that is creatively reusing the century old facade of the former building on site, has been stalled, frozen, since June. A "Partial Stop Work" order continues on the site, preventing any work from being done above the 7th floor. Presumably, the order is the result of a controversy over the height of the building which began with a complaint by a "caller" in June that the building was exceeding its legal height. Whether or not there is merit to the complaint, it is not the only one. Since early 2007, there have been 31 complaints lodged with the DOB, 22 this year alone.

Wednesday Morning Links

Photo: Mathieu Delorme via NY Times

Please excuse any quirks in the format over the next couple of days, I am using a new version of the Blogger editor, so things may look just a bit strange. Plenty of real estate news hitting the presses over the past 24 hours, so dig in and enjoy!
Talk Of 42nd Street Light Rail, Car Ban Pick Up Steam Again (NY Times)
980 Madison Development Finally Clears Landmarks (Curbed)
Three Solutions To The Ubiquitous Sidewalk Shed (Curbed)
DTCC To Move 1600 Jobs From Lower Manhattan To JC (Securities News)
State Supreme Court To Hear Brooklyn Eminent Domain Case Today (WSJ)
Russians, Brazilians Wooed By Cheap Dollar Buying Up NYC Real Estate (Forbes)
StuyTown Teeters On Edge Of Default (WSJ)
NYC Building Sales Plummet (Crain's)

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day Links

One Day Vaca (A. Fine)

Renting Equals Freedom? (NY Times)
30 Minutes With Larry Silverstein (NY Times)
Former Goldman Exec Seeks $35.5 Mil., Cash, For 740 Park Home (NY Times)
Whitney Advances Plans For High Line Museum (NY Times)
National Luxury Real Estate Round Up (Luxist)
Some Improvement In Tri-State Real Estate Market (Examiner)
Foreign Buyers See NYC As Bargain (Crain's)
Anti-Slavery Homes May Get Landmarked (NY Post)
Brokers Not Sold On Market Reports (Observer)

Friday, October 9, 2009

211 Elizabeth: In Harmony And In Style

It is not often that I am totally floored by a new condo project, but 211 Elizabeth did just that.
From the outside, on the corner of Elizabeth and Prince, the red brick building looks like it belongs. The scale matches the neighborhood and so does the aesthetic. It looks like it is a century old. That is the idea, but it is barely 2 years old. What is probably even more stunning is that the project is the brainchild of first time developer, Peter Manning. Manning, who has a theatrical background has taken his love for prewar to the next level.
I had the opportunity to tour 211 with Peter and as he put it he was "sweating the details" all the way through. On the initial purchase of the site, he had to work with a quirky seller, but "it was worth it" and he "had to have it, so nobody else would (expletive) it up". Peter's love for the project is palpable, and sweat the details he did. With the help of architect Roman& Williams, and inspired by the Candela Era, everything had to be just right, from the exterior bricks (many recycled) to the walnut floors, think and ample moldings, high ceilings, dimensions, and as he pointed out the "reveal" of the windows of 7 inches. He said such a reveal cost valuable square footage, but that was the cost of doing it right. One of my favorite aspects of the apartments were the over sized wood windows with sitable sills. Wood windows? Wow is this guy meticulous! The result of all his efforts is the best new development I have seen in years, and a developer whose future efforts I would endorse and anticipate with eagerness. Peter's goal was to "honor the neighborhood", that was clearly accomplished, now we only need him to honor more!

Has Swine Checked Out Of NYC?

After being the worldwide epicenter of H1N1 swine flu this spring, H1N1 has been non-existent in NYC this fall. According to NYC health officials, there has been only one confirmed death in the city since August 30th, compared to scores in the spring. Some doctors are calling it "herd immunity". Since nearly 1 million New Yorkers were infected this spring, nearly everyone was probably exposed. Areas which previously did not see outbreaks, in the South and Midwest are now experiencing what we were months ago. Even more encouraging is that the 3 week moving average of deaths from all types of influenza is well below the rates of 2007 and 2008.
Do Some Areas Have H1N1 Immunity? (CBS News)

Friday Morning Links

Spitzer Deals A Garage For The Family Biz (Daily Deal)
CUNY Law School Moving To LIC (NYDN)
Cookie Crumbles: Stella D'oro Out After 78 Years (NYDN)
Madonna Looking To Buy Apartment For Jesus (Luz) (SawfNews)
Sam Ash Row Fades Away (Lost NY)
AIG Condos Coming Soon To Downtown (WSJ Blog)
Obama Mortgage Modification Plan Beats Targets (ABC News)
Another Landmark Diner Finds Home, Far, Far Away (Curbed)

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Thursday (Yes, Thursday, Double Checked) Links!

A Tad Windy At Union Square Yesterday (A. Fine)

Rental Biz Tanks Big Time According To Elliman (The Real Deal)
Manhattan Rents Expected To Continue To Dip (Reuters)
On Second Thought, JP Morgan Decides Not To Sell Lower Manhattan Tower (Bloomberg)
New Lease On Life For Atlas Park In Queens (Queens Crap)
New Looks At The Fulton Subway Hub (Curbed)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday Morning Links

Doha Skyline, Qatar (credit: Hubpages)
Manhattan-Like Skyline Emerges In Qatar (National)
AstroLand To Make Comeback Bid At Coney? (NYDN)
Oro Condo In Brooklyn Takes Big Chop (Crain's)
Extell And Landmarks Skirmish Over 57th St. Property (Observer)
Real Estate Titans Gather (Observer)
Nouvel's Trip To The City Council (Observer)
LIC: Move Over Hammocks, Here Come The Kiddies! (Curbed)

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Monday, October 5, 2009

New School On Fifth & 14th Boarded Readied For Demo

What a long, strange trip it has been for 65 Fifth Avenue. The death march for the hideous building has been slow but deliberate. The virtually windowless drab slab, scene of a student occupation last year, and focus of much community debate, it seems, will not make it to its 60th birthday. Thank goodness! It has taken 5 years and one major downsizing (from a potential 35 stories to the floor equivalent of 10) for the boards to go up and the preparation for demolition to begin. According to New School spokesperson, Jane Croty, asbestos abatement should start by the end of the month and the eyesore of the village should be down by spring. The plan? It will be an "as of right" project with dorms on the top, labs, classrooms, library and auditorium. It also has ambitions of being green. The building will be designed by Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill, but precious renderings will not be out til December by which time more bureaucratic hurdles with the board of trustees will be cleared.
Regardless of what replaces the soot colored box, it is nearly impossible to imagine it not being an improvement.
To follow the progress of 65 Fifth, check: University Center Update.

Monday Morning Links

A bit of a yawner this weekend for NYC real estate news. Plenty of articles recapping the "turnaround" 3rd Q, but we've covered that. Not to worry, we'll produce some fresh, new content here at A. Fine Blog this week.
Creative Financing Has New Development Condos Moving Again (The Real Deal)
What $1 Mil will Buy You In NYC Real Estate (NY1 Video)
New MTA Chief Fresh From London With New Ideas (NYDN)
Playrooms Cause A Ruckus (NY Times)
More On Sam Chang, Hotel King Of New York (NY Times)
15 CPW Still Posting Some Impressive Gains (NY Times)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Morning Links

The Third Quarter reports are in, and they are, for the most part, very positive. While sales volume and prices were down vs. the same quarter in 2008, prices were flat and volume was way up vs. Q2. If you were reading the blog over the summer, you could say you heard it here first.

While September was a jumble of vacation time, a late Labor Day, and early Jewish holidays, the market took a slight breather, so we won't have a true indication of continuation of trend until later this month. I will stick to my forecast of price appreciation and volume increases no later than the First Quarter of 2010.

On another note, I would like to turn everyone's attention to a relatively new site called It is an aggregator much like Delicious, or Digg, but concentrates on New York. It is worth a look. It is another great resource to follow the goings-on of the city. Oh, and feel free to vote up A. Fine Blog stories!
Manhattan Market Reports Bring Good News (The Real Deal)
NYC Housing Sales Spike In 3rd Q (vs. 2nd Q) (Newsday)
Manhattan Prices Stabilize (CNN/Money)
Manhattan Real Estate Turning The Corner? (NYDN)
Starwood CEO: Surging Demand For NYC Hotel Rooms A Harbinger Of Turnaround (Bloomberg)
Dozens Indicted In Building Inspector Bribery Scam (AP)
Justice Sotomayor Will Hold Village Apartment Rather Than Sell In This Market (AP)
Feds Look Into Madoff's Kids' Nantucket Digs (Property Wire)
Houston Rockets Owner Looks For Huge Score On Superior Ink Penthouse (Curbed)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

LIC: 10-17 Half-Skinned

(L)Current from south, (R) old rendering from southeast

(L) current from north, (R) current from east

Inspired by my friends over at Curbed, I figured I throw a few pics out there of another new development in LIC, 10-17 Jackson on the corner of Vernon and Jackson. The blog has gotten plenty of search action on the building, so it might as well be time for an update. You may remember the killer renderings I posted back in January. Well, I have been promised more and am anxiously awaiting them. You see, what appears to be a nearly complete facade, is only half skinned, or virtually naked. According to my friends over at Studio V (the architect), there is a second "lacy, perforated, translucent" layer yet to be added. It comes from Europe and probably hasn't been seen in the states yet. So, the jury is still out as far as I am concerned. I'll post the new renderings as soon as I get them. The building is expected to be completed by the end of the year when they will begin marketing. It is full steam ahead with sales as I am told the builder, architect and marketing team are in agreement that they have a compelling product. Love the high ceilings (11'), and those renderings. If renderings (at least the old ones) match reality and the floor plans are generous, we may have a winner here. Worst case, atop the Vernon-Jackson 7 train stop, this wins the prize as the new development that is closest to Manhattan by train.
I promise, more soon!

Cyclist High Fives Unsuspecting Cab Hailing Tourists

The title of the post says it all, doesn't it? Good for a couple of chuckles, recommended by blog reader JP. Originally aired on

Thursday Morning Links

"Caged In On 82nd &2nd (looking north)", A. Fine

A new batch of businesses are about to be caged in from 82nd Street up to 86th Street on 2nd Avenue. Given that the last caging was responsible or partially responsible for the shuttering of 16 businesses, there has to be cause for concern. Word on the street is that there are up to half a dozen stores (including one of my favorite eateries) on the stretch closing or due to close shortly thanks to construction necessary to build the 2nd Avenue Subway.
The Commune, NYC Style (NY Times)
Construction Watch Nouvel's 100 Eleventh Looking Good (Curbed)
New York's Burger King, Danny Meyer (Video/Big Think)
Pandering? Bloomberg's Parking Plan Sounds Good To Me! (NYDN)
Park May Replace Power Plant Plan In Greenpoint (NYDN)
New York's 10 Most Decrepit Roadways (NYT/CityRoom)
1860's Oak Bridge Reconstructed In Central Park (NYT/CityRoom)
Are The Good Times Back? 15 CPW Penthouse Flips For $37 Mil., Nearly A Double (Observer)
Stringer Calls For Investigation Of Second Avenue Subway Delays And Overruns (The Real Deal)
Parent Of Corcoran And Citi Habitats Gets Much Needed Financing (The Real Deal)