Think Coffee Coming To Union Square

Saw the awning going up last night on Fourth Ave between 12th and 13th Streets. Think Coffee, which many claim to be the best in the city, is coming to Union Square, and according to someone inside the store, could open by Thursday. While I haven't tried Think yet, I am excited by the prospect of more good coffee options near my office. My personal favorite is "Joe The Art Of Coffee" on 13th between Fifth and University which makes a great cup of java, an ass-kicking americano, and tasty homemade lemonade in season. Think's new location is pretty large, I would guesstimate at least 1600 sf or larger, with ample seating. The way Starbucks packs them in on the east and west side of the square, it would be no surprise if Think is a hit. Welcome to the neighborhood!


  1. joe the art of coffee is my personal fave in manhattan. if you want the best coffee in the tri-state area, go to Gorilla Coffee in Park Slope.

  2. Today was my first time at "Think" on 4th Avenue and it was the worst experience ever. I was on my cell and went to order my Latte, however the lady at the register was annoyed that I was on my phone, and made a comment about me being on the phone. It's not like I was speaking loud or speaking to her at the same time, and with my limited time, I need to be multi task. I just looked at her in shock, then I gave her the money but then she gave me the change but she handed it to me but in a very NASTY way, that half of my change fell out of my hands, I just couldn't believe it. I told her "Can I please have my money back, I don't do attitude" and walked out. So I took myself right across the street to Paradis.

    For being NEW around the area, I guess they are that confident they could treat people the way they wish.

    Very interesting!

  3. I see two sides to this story. Wonder if it was the redhead that was rude? They have always been very nice to me. I can kind of understand why they wouldn't like a customer on the phone while ordering. I only wish you had stayed for an Americano or other java- it is quite tasty!


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