Monday Morning Links

Way late on the links today, but better late than never! Nothing particularly earth shattering in the headlines this weekend. Sure, there was some media regurgitation about the market finding a bottom, but we've run all those stories already. The market does seem to be in a bottoming mode, but it is hard to tell if we have made it. One positive harbinger is the lack of inventory in the Village. I've been chasing 1 bedrooms in the $700k-$850k range only to have been beat out or outbid a number of times recently. That kind of action smells like times of old, but those instances are isolated. The sub- $1 Million market has been active for months and is becoming competitive, but I have yet to see any great spillover into the $1Mil.-$5Mil. range. I was expecting a little more action in that category after Labor Day, but considering the number of holidays since, it is still too early to read. 
Gotta Have Faith: 30 Minutes With Faith Hope Consolo (NY Times)
Oil Exec Trades Up On Park, Candela For Candela (NY Times)
Price Insurance For Real Estate? (NY Times)
Former Limelight Club May Go Retail (Crain's)
Woman Who Sued For Harassment At 270 Park, Dies Day Before Hearing (NYDN)
Ivanka: Nepotism Had Little To Do With Her Rise (


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