Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Morning Links

The Third Quarter reports are in, and they are, for the most part, very positive. While sales volume and prices were down vs. the same quarter in 2008, prices were flat and volume was way up vs. Q2. If you were reading the blog over the summer, you could say you heard it here first.

While September was a jumble of vacation time, a late Labor Day, and early Jewish holidays, the market took a slight breather, so we won't have a true indication of continuation of trend until later this month. I will stick to my forecast of price appreciation and volume increases no later than the First Quarter of 2010.

On another note, I would like to turn everyone's attention to a relatively new site called It is an aggregator much like Delicious, or Digg, but concentrates on New York. It is worth a look. It is another great resource to follow the goings-on of the city. Oh, and feel free to vote up A. Fine Blog stories!
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Justice Sotomayor Will Hold Village Apartment Rather Than Sell In This Market (AP)
Feds Look Into Madoff's Kids' Nantucket Digs (Property Wire)
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  1. I have posted this question here before, but once again I'm curious to know why rising housing prices are so consistently considered "good news".

    Good news for who? Brokers certainly, and those who bought at the peak of the market, but in general rising commodity prices are always considered bad for consumers (rightly so) except for real estate, where for some odd reason we've decided that rising prices and decreasing affordaibility is a net positive. I disagree.