Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Aldyn Continues Ascent

Again, sorry for the funky photo format- still adjusting to the new blog program. Clockwise from the top left: Aldyn, Rushmore, and new Extell rental building together, next: field of green on Riverside Blvd from 65th and up, Aldyn from East, and finally, left is the rental building again from the north).

Things are sure moving along over at Extell's Aldyn at 64th and Riverside Blvd. The building on the water that will be the condo is about 3/4s glassed up, and the rental, in brown brick seems to be windowed up to the top. Also noticed a pretty impressive several block stretch of green grass that stretches from 65th Street for several blocks north on Riverside. Additionally, There is a 2 block long expanse of dirt about 50 feet down between about 65th and 63rd that will be additional park land (eventually). Combine that with the ribbon of green on the Hudson River, and it is getting downright suburban over there! But enough about the grass, The Aldyn is quickly getting glassed up, and that is downright exciting isn't it?

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