Friday, December 11, 2009

Union Square Playground Opens To Rave Reviews

"Love it", "awesome", and "fantastic" were typical of the reviews from the few parents braving the arctic cold today at Union Square Park's new 15,000 square foot playground. I totally agree. The playground, which triples the size of the old one, is modern, unique, and attractive. Divided into three sections and intended for ages 1-12, the playground has rugged rock features, the dangerous looking metal orb dubbed "magic mountain", swings, sandbox, jungle gym, and a wide range of things that spin and would make your average adult more tipsy than a dozen $7 warm Coronas that were served up there during a previous incarnation. An email response from Jennifer Falk, Executive Director of the Union Square Partnership, indicates that it's not just the parents and kids in the area that are excited.
"We could not be more thrilled that Union Square Park's expanded play space is finally open," said Jennifer Falk. "The kids who have visited the new playground have given the space a huge thumbs up, and the feedback from parents and caregivers has been overwhelmingly positive, which is truly gratifying. We hope that this new amenity will provide endless hours of enjoyment to all that visit for many, many years to come, and can't wait for spring when the water features, including spray shower and sandbox water table, can be activated."

It was a long time coming, but this feature of Union Square Park has turned out to be worth the wait. The Park renovation is now 92% complete. Last up, the nearly finished bathrooms and finishing touches to the pavilion.


  1. wonder how hot that metal orb will be in the summer

  2. The "Mountain" play feature is designed with a shade structure that will be installed before spring.

    The Union Square Partnership Team

  3. Hi, I went there today and was burned terribly by it. So were my Kindergarten students, there's no shade structure at all and I think the designers need a swift kick in the pants. What is wrong with people? Do playground architects actually spend time with kids enough to know that they don't think to test the heat of a surface that might be extremely hot before jumping on it?

  4. Were the pretty rocks by the tunnel slide meant for kids to climb? Did you know that they climb all the way up to the outer top of the tunnel slide and sit up there with wet bathing suits and could slip and fall off crashing down on the rocks?? Did you see that it was cautioned off and kids tore off the caution tape, there are remnants of caution tape still there. ... Were the gardens meant for kids to run in and stomp all over the foilage?? If not, why are those cheap flimsy gates there that have a wide opening for kida to walk in? If you dont want people sitting on the cheap gates that are constantly broken, then why put it at the perfect height for sitting on, which they do! Do you want a child to die before you block off the pretty rocks around the slide or are they really meant for kids to climb up to perch on top of the tunnel leads right up to it. Would you add rocks next to an open window 5 stories high?