Building Of The Year: Gehry's Beekman Tower

Year end recaps- everyone is doing them, so why the heck not! I haven't done one of these in my three years writing the blog, but, it has been such an oddball year of ups and downs, that I might as well.
I'll start with my "building of the year", which for me is a no-brainer: The Beekman Tower by Frank Gehry. I revisited the tower this morning for some fresh pics. I am sure you all remember the recession infused rumors that it would never make it to it's full height of 76 stories. For a while there back in May it was assumed by many that it would be stunted around 40 stories. What a loss that would have been! Sure enough, 76 stories of glorious, gleaming, twisting stainless steel is on the way! Just can't seem to get enough!


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