Oh Yeah! Setai At 400 Fifth Ave Is Looking Good!

The timing may not be great, but the building looks great! On 36th Street and Fifth Avenue, an oft neglected, somewhat rundown stretch of Fifth, rises the 57 Story Setai Hotel and Condo. This Gwathmey Siegel product really perks up the area with interesting architecture that includes "expressed" facade with billowy windows that form a pattern that nods to Art Deco landmarks in the nearby area, a stainless steel crown, and a masculine limestone base. The angles of the windows and abundant use of stainless steel give the building a reflective shimmer which exudes energy and life. If you are in the area make sure to have a look.
There is a fantastic thread on Wired NY with 28 pages of pics and commentary:
400 Fifth Avenue @ 36th Street (Wired NY)


  1. this building is amazing!

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  3. Gorgeous. But WHAT are they going to do with this building since nobody can get financing for a condo/hotel. Luxury Rentals anybody??
    Looks like it will head in the same direction as The Kimpton condo/hotel, and turn into rental/hotel.
    Although, I'm sure it won't be long before we hear that the marketing team is heading to Asia to find cash buyers. That seems to be the trend right now.

  4. high end properties (not sub-luxury crap sold as luxury) will always find buyers. New York is the capital of the world, the market will change soon.


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