UWS: "The Laureate" Gets A Foundation

My camera, which has served this blog very well, picked the wrong day to quit! Nonetheless, I managed to spit shine my blackberry to get this shot of the foundation flowing into the massive lot on the south east corner of 76th and Broadway. It was refreshing to see teams of men wrangling re-bar and cement trucks lining up, one after another, to feed the crane which was filling the foundation with cement as fast as they possibly could. Flashbacks filled my head of a better time. In this spot, a number of lots cobbled together in better times for $111 Million, will rise "The Laureate", a luxury condominium with all the bells and whistles. Total square footage of the 18 story, limestone clad project, is expected at 300,000. While completion of Fall 2010 may seem ambitious, they are certainly giving it the full court press at the moment.
For a more renderings, floor plans and more, click here for architect SLCE's full rundown.


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