Contrary To Media Reports, The World Has Not Come To An End!

Indulge me in a little mix of commentary and editorial, please.
I woke up this morning to catch the top of the news on Good Morning America. I had just woken up and there was still sand in my eyes. The top stories of the day took up 20 minutes and went in this order, more or less:
1- Big bold red letters reading RECESSION? The mortgage crisis was rehashed yet again with a segway into....
2- CITIGROUP LOSSES! A story about how Citi is writing off $18 Billion, cutting it's dividend, and has lost $180 Billion in market cap from it's peak (the story would lead the novice to perhaps believe that they actually lost that $180 Billion, when market cap has nothing to do with income gains or losses), then..
3- Bush's approval at all time low!!! Um, hasn't this been the case for the last number of years? Then...
4- Oil at an all time high!! Ok, we know, we know, and Bush from oil country hasn't done didly on that hence the aforementioned approval rating. And if all that doesn't get your heart palpitating...
5- Your Heart Medication Doesn't Work!!! Yes, it's alleged that Schering and Merck have delayed a report on Zetia for 2 years, and while they have collected $5 Billion per year, plaque in your arteries has actually been increasing rather than decreasing. Brilliant!
I think I finally understand why people don't "pay attention" to the news, or just sit around and watch ESPN all day. What does today's news prove? Both the media and special interests in our country are totally out of control. So, I'd take it all with a huge grain of salt, and perhaps mix in some ESPN, because it seems that if you watch too much news you'll end up being the perfect candidate for the depression medication that they'll be selling you at the next commercial break. Worse yet, it may be proven not to work after all.
1/18 UPDATE: NY Times Article Questions Anti-Depressants Effectiveness!


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