What's The Deal With....The New Pay Toilet In Madison Square?

It's finally here- New York City's first official pay toilet! For a mere 25 cents you too can enjoy the luxury of a clean space, larger than what some kids in the East Village are living in. This could be the best deal in New York. Your 25 cents buys you 15 minutes of solitude, three 16" pieces of toilet paper, a seat cover, warm and soapy water to wash you hands with and a hand dryer. Most people seemed a little confused at first about which button to hit for various functions, and the buttons are labeled only in English, so unless you read English, you may think that you are trapped in the facility. A three minute warning buzzer goes off after 12 minutes which may be equally disconcerting if you are the tourist who thinks he's trapped. Finally, there is a weight limit- 550lbs. So, if you are over 550 pounds and really have to go you find yourself with a potentially humiliating choice...the door will not close if you are over limit!


  1. The "narration" is classic. Was she going to actually take pictures of you if you "needed to go?"

  2. Where are you supposed to go if you're over 500 pounds!

  3. Dynamite. Looks nicer than the bathroom at work just across the street. I may just use that one from now on.

  4. Jean said...
    Where are you supposed to go if you're over 500 pounds!

    January 10, 2008 5:06 PM



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