Rise In Conforming Loan Limit From 417k to 625k A Great Idea

There has been plenty of criticism of Washington's stimulus plan, but one idea that has built a quick consensus is the proposal to increase the "conforming" loan limit for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from $417,000. to $625,000. Such a plan, when adopted (which is very likely) will be a boom for refinancing, save consumers a ton of money, and will make new purchases easier. The current difference in "conforming" and "jumbo" loan rates is about 1.15%. By increasing the limit by nearly 50%, millions of consumers will benefit with lower interest rates, and this increase will soften the impact of the mortgage meltdown. Such a move will lower borrowing costs by as much as 17% for those who now qualify for a conventional rate, who didn't prior to the plan.
For the New York real estate market, this week has been a week of many pleasant surprises. First a change in the 80/20 tax law for coops (I'll get into this over the weekend), then a 3/4 rate cut, and now a change in the cap for conforming loans. For a stable market (in an unstable nation), I'm starting to smell major stimulus. I think the developments of the past week are pretty dramatic, and very bullish for our market.
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