Weekend At Bernie's Crooks May Get Part In New Weekend At Bernie's Movie

If you haven't heard this story yet, it's a doozy. Just a recap. Two 65 year old men (with long criminal records), found their friend expired in his Hell's Kitchen apartment. They also found his social security check. Rather than call the police, they dressed the dead man, put him in a red office chair, and wheeled him through the streets of Manhattan to the check cashing establishment around the corner, flopping off the chair and all. Most people thought it was a joke or a stunt, but the dead man attracted sufficient attention propped up in the chair outside of the check cashing place that he drew a crowd including a police officer who was dining across the street. Well, the check cashing employees (who included the dead man's sister) would not cash the check, and by the time these two clowns exited, the gig was up.
Today, it has been reported by the New York Post and Fox News that the creator of "Weekend At Bernie's" is actually considering giving these guys a part in "Weekend At Bernie's 3". Stay tuned, as this story gets stranger by the hour! Only in New York!
Body Parts For Morons (NY Post)
Dead Man's Sister Worked At Check Cashing Store (City Room)


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