Monday, December 3, 2007

Congestion Pricing Plan Going From Bad To Worse?

Details are quickly emerging over various changes to the mayor's congestion pricing plan. Here are some of the new ideas being floated:
-move Northern border to 60th Street
-higher fees for on street parking
-new tax on parking garages (as if 18.25% is not enough)
-less cameras, reducing admin costs to 25% vs. 40%.
Personally, I do not like the plan, or any of the changes. Imagine trying to get onto the 59th St. Bridge if the border was at 60th? As if driving down 2nd Avenue was not impossible as it is. New taxes, higher fees? We pay enough! And, worst of all, commuters from the Tri-State area that come in a clog up our streets essentially get a free ride as their fees are offset by existing tolls. This plan continues to shape up as punishment for New Yorkers and only New Yorkers. I would love to see NYC Streets less congested and I would love less pollution, but New Yorkers should not be the only ones forces to foot the bill.
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  1. yeah, imagine.

    there's be thousands fewer cars per day trying to get on the bridge into manhattan with you.

    you probably won't be stuck in traffic.

    and all the money those drivers are paying will go into transit improvements and expansions.

    wherever they draw the boundary line it can only be a huge improvement.

  2. I dont know... seems commuters should be paying extra, not residents.