Day Trip: Cut Your Own Tree In Ct.

Place: Easton, Ct.
Distance From City: 63 Miles (1hr-1.5hr by car)
Project: Cut your own tree!
Pluses: Fresh Air, Family fun including, Hay Ride, Farm Animals, Cider, and of course, the freshest tree you can find, big or small for $55.
Comments: Had fun when I took the family and a few friends to the tree farm yesterday. Even though it was but cold, the kids had a blast. They had lots of fun on the hayride, pretending to feed the pair of live oxen, and loved running around 200 acres of gorgeous trees. I scored a super-fat 7' Colorado Blue Spruce which after erecting it in my living room, I realized, looked much smaller in it's natural habitat. The actual chore of cutting the tree is easier than it sounds. You are provided a saw, a tag for the tree, and a hayride to your chosen destination on the farm (different areas have different species). When you find your tree (that's the hard part since there are so many), cutting it usually takes 1-5 minutes. After you put your tag on the tree, you drag it to a nearby tree pick up area and it's is taken down the hill and tied up for you. A great day trip for the whole family. Bundle up, since it's usually 10 degrees cooler up there compared to the city.
Maple Row Farm (Easton, Ct.)


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