Condo Action On Jackson, LIC, Including New Mystery Condo!

10-50 Jackson (above)

10-63 Jackson (above)

One Hunters View (above)

Mystery Condo at 1114 49th Ave (above)

Things seem to be moving on up on Jackson Avenue in LIC. 10-50 Jackson, the first big condo on Jackson in Hunters Point, is topped and being insulated. 10-63, the triangular steel wonder is rising, and One Hunters View has risen in record time.
One point of intrigue is the building going up just South of Hunters View, at 11-14 49th Ave or 11-15 50th Ave, depending on how you look at it. The building is currently 4 stories and rising over the Pulaski Bridge. A search of DOB permits shows an 11 story, 170,000 sf building with 120 residential units and 30 parking spaces. Cetra/Ruddy, of One Madison Park fame, is listed as the architect- very exciting! A call to the listed owner's office was met with just scant acknowledgement that they own the property and a refusal to comment on any of the details. Stay tuned!


  1. Love the blog! Any more info on this project? The lobby level floor seems to be extremely high at some points, particularly down by 50th because of the sloping street... Possible retail??? Looks like there are a few more projects under way on that side of Jackson...

  2. I'm referring to the "mystery condo"


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