Congestion Pricing Takes A Beating At 86th St. Meeting

When asked by an audience member who in the audience disagreed with the mayor's congestion pricing plan everyone out of the group, nearly 100 raised their hands with only 2 or 3 agreeing with the plan.
The crux of the issue was that East Siders were uncomfortable with was the fact that Manhattanites would bear the brunt of the expense of such a plan, while those coming from the burbs would essentially get a free ride since the tolls they pay would be credited towards the pricing plan. Most in the audience saw the plan as another tax, or revenue grab. To complicate the meeting, the city had few clear and concise answers. When asked what percentage of traffic was actually generated by people in the zone, there was no answer. When asked whether residents would have to pay $4 just to move a car for alternate side of the street parking, the answer was a vague "well, there is not a camera on every corner". Not much of an assurance. There were also serious questions about ramifications of the traffic pattern whether the line is drawn on 86th or 60th. The community thought either scenario would be a nightmare. People also felt as though the process was being railroaded without consideration of the people that it will effect the most. Apparently, community input meetings were scheduled on Thanksgiving week with only 2 days notice. If the constituency actually has a say in this program, you can bet that it will look much different. More later.....


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