Laurel Condo Gets Glassy!

The windows have just started installation, and the building looks topped or pretty close to it. One word describes The Laurel!
But let's start with the number one negative, it's on First Avenue. I never thought I would see such an expensive building on First Avenue, but then again, I never thought I would see such a luxurious building on First Avenue either! Now on to the positives. Although on 1st, it's on 67th, a comfy stretch and fairly convenient to the 6 train. There is also St. Catherine's park and playground, which was beautifully renovated a couple of years back, diagonally across from the building. The building itself is gorgeous. It is not your modern sheet of glass, but a modern building of Indiana Limestone and over sized windows which blends the best on new and old. The finishes are modern. The kitchen is compact, yet has every imaginable appliance from wine cooler to convection oven, etc. The appliances are a mix of Sub-Zero and Gaggenau brands. I was not all that familiar with the Gaggenau brand, but from a quick search of the web, apparently they are British and probably the most expensive that they could find. The master baths are spacious and adorned with white marble throughout. It's most modern feature was an lcd tv built into the vanity. This was a big hit with brokers and prospective buyers at the opening party (for me, not so much). I actually preferred the 2nd baths and power rooms which used a little more color and crystal mosaic wall tiles, or maybe it was because there was no tv built into the vanity. The ceilings heights are all generous, ranging between 9' and 12' depending on the floor. The floors are solid white oak, which can be stained light or dark.
If you crave amenities, look no further. The "Trophy Club" gym is one of the very best in the city. Aside from a plethora of training equipment, there are 3 pools- a 50 foot lap pool, and 2 resistance pools. The "Laurel Club" is an extensive resident amenity area, which again, has it all- playroom, game room, screening theater, conference room, catering kitchen, and on and on...
Pricing is steep, but not off the charts at around $1550 per foot. If you want to save a little money, you may consider a low floor facing North and West. The View of St. Catherine's Park makes the exposure pleasant and bright.
Suffice it to say, The Laurel Condo has everything, and you may never leave the building, or want to.


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