East Coast 3 LIC Gets Bricked!

Topped off and moving quickly, Rockrose Development's East Coast 3 is getting bricked. The building will not be named "East Coast", but I am not at liberty to divulge the name of what is to be a high end condo project. There will be terraces o'plenty, incredible unobstructed views, and prices to start at "over $1000 per square foot and average $1150 per square foot" according to a reliable source. Sales for the building are expected to begin in the spring, although there are unsubstantiated rumors that Rockrose may be considering a late change to rentals. I don't believe that rumor to be true, but I will follow up on it.


  1. What is a better investment? EC3 or Powerhouse?

  2. It's too early to tell. EC3 pricing is not official yet. The advantage that EC3 will have is that the views will never be blocked, whereas, PowerHouse views are vulnerable. I have one property that i believe is hands down the best deal in Hunters Point. Feel free to contact me, and I'm happy to share the details.


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