Monday Morning Links And Comment

"This is the end of the story, not the beginning" were the reassuring words of a Wall Street confidant reached late last night. Another figured that AIG and Wamu were next, but then everything would be alright and the stage would be set for a rally. Perhaps the events of the past weekend were the capitulation or blow off that we have all been waiting for, time will tell, yet no one can deny that our landscape has changed dramatically overnight.
On my walk through the dark for a cup of Starbucks early this morning a stiff breeze was blowing. A cruel wind I thought, as I found myself avoiding eye contact with anyone in a suit making the predawn trek to work.
AIG Scrambles For Cash, Shakes Cup To Fed (CNBC)

Back To Real Estate:
A Look At The Con Ed Tower- Still Not Landmarked! (NY Times)
7000sf Home Sells At Stanhope, Was Asking $47.5 Mil. (NY Times)
Slope Seeming Less Chic Than Suburban Of Late (NY Post)
Squeegemen Are Back As City Starts Slow Slide (Queens Crap)
Bloomberg's LIC Plan Panned (NY Post)
Sunday National Luxury Real Estate Round Up (Luxist)


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