Union Square Park Update: Tree Pits, Big Pit, And Now- Water Feature!

The Union Square Park reno really seemed to get off to a fast start. Those old trees- gone in a flash! But, things seem to be slowing down a bit. Yes the 15 or so feet on the very North side have been filled with pavers and the first 8 tree pits are in place and seemingly ready to be planted, and that part looks good. However, the pit on the East side of the pavillion, where the future Danny Meyer kitchen may be, is taking what seems like forever. It seems that the bedrock underneath is more stubborn than they bargained for. Us on Union Square are hearing that big chiseler go at it ever day, day after day. To make things interesting though, at least the heavy rain the other day is giving us a new water feature!


  1. We are pleased to let you know that at long last, the persistent hammer of rock excavation equipment has come to an end. Abundant and extremely durable bedrock was the cause for the lengthy undertaking, and almost 650 cubic yards of rock has been removed from the site, enough to fill 25 truckloads with solid rock. The way is now clear to begin construction of the expanded basement area and restroom facility to the east of the Pavilion. The rock hammer equipment will be replaced by a much quieter drilling rig that will smoothly core through the bedrock to create structural anchoring for the new building foundation. To sign up for construction updates, vist unionsquarenyc.org/northend.

    Thank you for your interest!

    The Union Square Partnership Team

  2. Yes, I noticed- waht a relief.
    That bedrock can be a bitch. The Lucida uptown was delayed by similar tough bedrock.
    Union Square team- how long til we see some trees?


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