Post-Weekend Links

Welcome back everyone! From the looks of the city this weekend, it seemed that there was no shortage of stay-cationers or Europeans tourists. From my 30 hour break out East, it could also be observed that there is no shortage of wealth around these parts. It is a busy time. Kids go back to school. The big vacation weeks with empty streets are over. And, we get our best look at the state of the Real Estate market, as the summer doldrums are no longer an excuse. It should be interesting. I'll be back with a fall preview and a look back at one slow summer.
The Ultimate Luxury: A Garage (NY Times)
Manhattan Shows First Cracks (Financial Times)
Backyard In The City: An Urban Oasis (NY Times)
Flirting With Disaster, City Enters Storm Season (Queens Chronicle)
In West Soho, "The Renwick" Opts For The Soft Sell (NYDN)
Burj Dubai Becomes World's Tallest Building (Yahoo)


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