Friday Morning Links

Yuckety-Yuck: Obama, McCain Toast And Roast At Alfred E. Smith Dinner (NY Times)
Guys Like A-Rod, Wright Exceptions, Most City Sports Stars Opt For Burbs (AMNY)
East Harlem Selling Well Because, Well, It's Cheap! (NY Post)
GWB Bus Depot Designs Revealed (NY Post)
Ruby Red Stairway To Nowhere Finally Debuts On Broadway (CityRoom)
Building Blocking Your View? Just Build Sideways (The Real Deal)
Property Shark Unveils Hot New Interactive Sale Map (PropertyShark)


  1. McCain hearts NY!
    Economic crisis- hang out in NY.
    Campaign in crisis- hang out in NY.
    Perhaps, Mr. Fine can find a condo for him in NY to add to his collection.

  2. lol yes, bash someone who succeeds in life. while your at it, take more of his money to spread around, too!!! wheee!!!


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