Monday Morning Links

Ah, it was a nice weekend wasn't it? Some cool fresh air and fall weather to take you away from all of it!
I did learn one thing this weekend, I still can't really watch much 9/11 related stuff. I know it's been years, but the pain and emotion is still awfully fresh. I tried, really tried this weekend. As I was laying in bed comforting my youngest daughter who had fallen asleep, I tried to watch the movie WTC with Nicholas Cage and some other duds. Although the movie had all the authenticity of a low rate made for TV disaster movie, I watched the last hour or so, and despite the awful acting I think I cried for a solid half hour. I haven't cried in years, and so long as I stay away from the terrible memory of 9/11, it may be years before I do again. It's still too early to revisit.
On a brighter note, here are my morning links:
Existing Home Sales Holding Up Surprisingly Well (Marketwatch)
Mixing Money And Family To Secure A NY Apt (NY Times)
A Look At Koreatown (NY Times)
OMG! Foreclosure At The Ritz In Boston (Luxist)
Luxist's All Inclusive Nation Lux RE Wrap (Luxist)
Hamptons Poverty: EH Cuts After School Programs and Daycare, Freezes Town Board Salaries, Halves Clerks Salaries (East Hampton Star)
NYC Hotels Start To Feel The Pinch (Crain's)


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