Limestone Softens Lucida

"Rusticated Limestone" is now being applied to the lower two floors of the Lucida up on Lex between 85th and 86th Streets. While I am a bigger fan of The Brompton, Robert A.M. Stern's modern classic a block away, I find this limestone base to be quite pleasing to the eye. It acts to break up the continuous sheet of glass that is The Lucida and works as an effective transition between street and ultra-lux condo.

I am somewhat disappointed that the completion of the retail space seems to be behind schedule. The original plan had retail opening in 2008, but it would seem that a miracle would be needed to get them finished and approved by Christmas. Although Extell and their PR seem reluctant to reveal the names of the tenants in the 100,000 sq ft of retail in The Lucida, it has been widely reported that H&M, Sephora, and Barnes and Noble are to fill the space (Barnes and Noble would consolidate their 2 other stores in the area to open a mega store at Lucida).

As a neighborhood resident, I can't wait! Not that I ever shop, but I am anxious to see the transformation of 86th Street move on to the next step.


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