Friday Morning Links

S + P futures have hit the circuit breakers this morning, meaning that they can trade, but only if the trade is inside the 60 point drop limit. Throughout all the tumult in the markets, this is the first time I recall limit down before the market opens. The European markets are getting crushed this morning with markets widely down 6-10%. In a month and year of worsts, this week could prove to be one of the worst if not the worst ever.

I'm happy Bloomberg will have the opportunity to run for a third term. I am not happy with the way that it has been done.

European Markets, S+P Futures Point To Grim Open On Wall Street (NY Times)
Bloomberg Wins Council Vote For Third Term (NY Times)
Boo Hoo: Bianca Jagger Loses Rent Controlled Apartment (Observer)
Goldman Sachs To Sack 10% Of Workforce (Forbes)
Tom Cruise Now Owns 5 Apartments At American Felt Building (NY Post)
Fed Weighs Mortgage Bailout Plan (WSJ)


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