Tuesday Morning Links

Zuckerman On Bailout: Wrong Solution (Observer)
Mogul, Stakeholder In Halstead And Brown Harris Busted For Coke, Pills (NYDN)
America's 10 Fastest Selling Zip Codes Includes A Couple From NY (Forbes)
Coldwell Banker To Hold 10 Day Sale (Brandweek)
Los Angeles Foreclosures Triple, NYC At 2 Year High, Miami Foreclosures Drop (Propertyshark via PR.com)


  1. I read the Forbes article and some of the others you have ppsted as well (that prices have gone up sonce last year). I am currently in the market and would be interested in your view, generally speaking, as to whether you would buy now or wait. I have ample liquidity, great FICO, but do not absolutely have to buy now. Looking at 2BR in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Do you think prices will continue to go up, and that it makes sense to buy now? Or do you think it will pay to wait?

  2. I doubt that prices will continue to rise over the near term. I am a long term bull.
    The key is your comfort level and finding a great deal. Many sponsors are discounting, paying closing costs, etc.. If you get enough off, you have cushion against the potential for falling prices.


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