Earl Slams Georgica Beach, East Hampton

Top: Looking South, 2nd fr top: looking North, 3rd fr top: young folks with debris washed in, last: young lady chased by wave to parking lot (both the wave and girl made it to the lot).

East Hampton, NY/ Hurricane Earl may have fizzled thankfully, but not without taking a major toll on East End Beaches. These shots are from 3pm this afternoon, prior to high tide. Waves just offshore were breaking at heights of up to 15 feet, while directly on shore, surge and large waves were taking water up and over the beach, battering the dunes and landing in the parking lot. I'm not sure what the next 24 hours brings, but if you need to know just ask one of your friends with a $50 Million Dollar beachfront home, I'm sure they are keeping close track.


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