East 86th Street Fairway Update (Almost)

I've noticed an incredible number of people reaching the blog by way of searching for "Fairway Market East 86th Street". I think the message is clear that people are interested to know if it is going to happen and they clearly want it. I have reached out to both Fairway (no return calls) and to CB8 (which seems to be on summer hiatus). I do know that CB8 voted to give Fairway extended loading hours, an issue of contention, but I have no confirmation on their side. The most positive and recent info comes from a New York Times article from the middle of August. In it, partner in Fairway, Howard Glickberg, seemed pretty definitive about the East 86th Street location opening in about six months and mentioned that he was "excited about this." To date, I have seen no change to the location (the former Barnes and Noble on East 86th/2nd and 3rd), but I too will be excited if it does happen. Hope this helps.


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