What A Relief! Union Square Park Restrooms To Open Tomorrow!

It is finally happening, a what a relief!

The Union Square Park bathrooms are set to open to the public either late this afternoon, or tomorrow the latest. The public facilities will feature Men's and Women's facilities that open to the plaza and a family bath accessible only to the playground. The structure designed by Architect Research Office reuses the Ashlar wall that was pre-existing at the park and uses translucent eco-resin (to help light the facilities) on the upper half of the wall and steel grill overlays to keep people from smashing it up. The handicapped accessible doors are made of and framed with an unknown yet sleek wood substance and it appears that subway tiles are incorporated as the tile of choice in the interiors (I will get pics of the interiors as soon as I can).

The architect's website describes the final effect as "subdued and elegant". Well, it is only a bathroom, but it does look quite spiffy and the architect does seem to do a great job of blending old and new, so the facility does not look the slightest out of place.


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