Papaya King Reopens, Now With Breakfast Menu!

If all goes according to plan, Papaya King -- the stalwart of East 86th Street since 1932 -- will reopen this morning after a painful 8 weeks of renovation. Painful? To this blogger, yes.
While newcomer Shake Shack is still lining them down the street, at least when it comes to dogs, Papaya King is the one to beat. Both the exterior and interior have been gutted and renovated, but aside from a slightly different counter arrangement and bigger doors on the east side, the only thing that seems to be different is the lack of patina (which is sure to return with the grilling of several thousand dogs).
Yet, there is something new - a breakfast menu! Why wait until lunch when you can have a dog and egg sandwich? Other, more traditional breakfast sandwiches are said to be in the offing as well. I am sure to be back with an update.


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