The Brompton Condo Topped, Windows + Brick Too!

Brompton Brick and Windows (10/29)

Brompton Topped (10/29)

Lucida- Check the thickness! (10/29)

Lucida- 3 stories and counting (10/29)

The race to the top is over and The Brompton Condo is the clear winner over The Lucida by a stunning 18 stories! I do have to give The Lucida extra points, however for clearly building something that is akin to a fortress. Not only are it's concrete floor slabs some of the thickest I've ever seen, the deep, deep multiple basement levels carved out of the bedrock would clearly survive the most dramatic of tragedies. The Brompton meanwhile seems to be fulfilling it's tagline of being "stylishly proper". The Robert A.M. Stern creation is an absolute classic. Every home owner in Yorkville will likely benefit from such a gorgeous building going up on the previously blighted corner of 86th and 3rd. Not only does the building vastly improve the area, the fact that it has been built on Third when it looks like it belongs on Park should positively impact values throughout the area. This building is clearly a home run, we'll see if The Lucida is up to match it. Stay tuned.


  1. I would hope the Lucida would be an extra thick foundation since it is built on top of both the local and express train stops on 86th Street.


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