Contributing To The Daily Beast

Hey, all. It's been an interesting year in the Blogosphere. To cap the year, I am happy to announce that I will be contributing to "The Daily Beast" on a regular basis.

Listed as having expertise in both real estate and finance, I am honored to be joining Ian Schrager, Barbara Corcoran, and Donald Trump in the real estate section and people like Maria Bartiromo, Mort Zuckerman and Madeleine Albright in the finance section. I only hope that I can humbly live up to such company.

The Daily Beast is the product of former Vanity Fair Editor Tina Brown, with backing from Barry Diller of IAC. While the website is just a couple of months old, it is well-conceived, informative and compelling. I believe that it will be a big winner long-term, which is why I have agreed to contribute.


  1. Congratulations, Mr. Fine!
    The Daily Beast has acquired yet another fine contributor.


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