Demolition Begins At 79th + Third, Fate Undecided

In response to a couple of inquiries, I have done some research into the 5 walk-ups that were vacated some time ago on the South East corner of 79th and Third Avenue. Demolition has officially commenced starting today.

Here is what I was able to ascertain about the site. It's zoned for residential with a height limit of 210 feet (21 stories). Cetra/Ruddy has been hired as architect for the site (good choice). And, according to a representative for Skyline Developers, the building will not be a glass curtain number- phew! However, in this climate that is all that is certain. No decision has been made as to whether the new building will be a rental, condo, or some sort of hybrid. The owner has been "going back and forth" on that one. The earliest construction would begin would be later in 2009.

At a minimum, it is good to see something happening on the lot. If the owner is truly undecided, I would recommend something along the lines of a Robert A.M. Stern-styled "Chatham" or "Brompton". Such red brick and limestone architecture would blend well with the neighborhood, and if past sales at those two buildings are any indication, the developer would do very well.


  1. Too bad -- these old buildings are beauties that symbolize New York, and a dying breed.

    I'd pay much more to live in a nicely refurbished old tenement than a cheaply built new condo... Thank God it's not going to be a glass-wall clone!

  2. I'd like more brick and limestone!

  3. Though I truely miss Annie's ... at least they are developing the property with respect to the neighborhood. I ... HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT ... when a developer leaves an odd tenement building or two on either end and don't develop lot line to lot line ... because these odd tenements will NEVER be developed and it just creates an eyesore.

  4. yes, Annies is missed.... reopen please?

  5. Yep, I miss Annie's too. Wish they would reopen somewhere.

  6. I used to work at Cetra Ruddy, I was there for over 2 years. They have layed off over 70 people of their 90 person firm in the past 6 months. I bet this project will get "put on hold", as almost all the others there have. It does not cost the investors anything extra to simply call off a project and wait till the market goes back up.


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